Friday, February 10 is day two in Sapporo.  First we’re stopping at the hotel breakfast room for our complimentary breakfast – which consists of all you can eat fresh bread rolls and croissants with juice, coffee and tea… not good for anyone’s waistline but it’s so hard to stop eating the bread.  Every Japanese person in the room put their bread in a toaster oven to heat it up.  We were the only ones who would dare eat cold rolls.  I toasted my croissant though and it really was so much better!  You can order a traditional Japanese breakfast in advance for an extra 400 yen (about $3.75) but it looked to be miso soup, seasonal vegetables, salmon steak portions and rice.  So we just played it safe and ate bread.  Today we decided to go visit Susukino (sue-sue-key-no) Ice World.  This is the ice sculpture section of the Yukimatsuri and it is located in the nightlife party district called Susukino.

We walked through Odori park to get there so we got to see the snow sculptures again.  They’re lined up along a wide mall that is 1.5 km long, with walking paths along both sides.  The ice sculptures on the other hand are displayed right in the middle of a long boulevard and the street is still open in the daytime and closed at night.  I read online that there are about 100 ice sculptures in the Ice World section.  Plus there are several ice bars set up that are made entirely of ice, some including the structure, the bar itself, stools and mugs of ice.

We went to Susukino during the day on Friday and during the evening on Saturday.  Everything looks different at night.  Here are some of our ice highlights!