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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Hi!!!!!! This is Avalon!

And previously, we were in Malaysia.  This might be a long post cause I have to say a lot! The plane flight to Malaysia was 7 hours! (From Japan) So once we got out of the airport, we had to get a cab,  I don’t know, maybe 20 minutes in to the drive to our hotel, then cab driver had internet problems! Which could also be said as… he got lost. And so in the end, it ended up taking an hour to get to the hotel!  And once we got to the hotel it was about 7:00 so we unpacked for a little while and then we went for dinner.  Kaiyo felt weird, I had a lot of energy and Halyard just didn’t want to be part of the family even if it meant food. So we got a very good meal and then took a taxi back home, because my Dad said that we HAD to walk there.  So then he said on the way back we could take a taxi back. So once we got home it was get in to bed for all of us, well, mostly just me.

The next day we went to a bird park and we were there for about 3 hours and we got to do some pretty cool things like we got to put parrots all over us. My dad got 2, well we all got 2, anyway he got one on his shoulder and one small one on his hand, my mom got out the camera, although she really wanted to have birds too, Kaiyo got one on his head and hand, so did I and Halyard got one on his arm and head.  Then we hiked for a little while we saw peacocks and flamingos. After that we went to see a chick hatch!  It was sooooo fun!

And with that 30 mins later we went to a restaurant!  Now it wasn’t any restaurant, it was a restaurant that had little fish that ate your dead skin, bacteria, and bad things that were on your feet!  It felt really weird!  You had to be really still for the fish to come to your feet.  After that, we left the bird park and went to the central market.  There I bought multiple really cool necklaces that were made out of hand blown glass, that had a flower in it, and some glowed in the dark and some didn’t.  I got 6 that could glow in the dark, Halyard got one that glowed in the dark and my mom got 1 that didn’t glow in the dark. Then Kaiyo got a lego set that wasn’t really lego.  That he had never seen before!  But probably because it wasn’t really lego.

Halyard actually got something useful! He got my Christmas gift!  Which sadly I know what they are,  he is getting me a pair of headphones.  My mom wanted something but the lady didn’t want to bargain, so she didn’t to get it.  My dad just liked being there, and wandering around.  Then we were all really hungry so we went to a Tigh (Thai) restaurant.  We got a really good meal and Kaiyo got a Banana Split and I got mango with ice cream.  So moving on!  And  after that I was really tired! Because we had done a lot that day!

On to Bali!
Bali is in Indonesia.  During Bali my favorite part was probably Bali TreeTops!  
Bali TreeTops was a zipline park, but, it also had some other things like, you were hooked up to a cord and you had to walk across one rope under your feet and it was really scary… I was really afraid I was going to fall! It was soooooo high like you were in a elevator… Anyway, I was very supprised that John, A.K.A. Dad, wasn’t scared because he has a fear of heights! And so we did that for a really long time, until our time was up.

Amy’s Dream

In my opinion, I think it would be very cool for my Mom to go to every single Hard Rock caffe!  And we just got her one step closer.  We went to three Hard Rock Caffes last year so only a few more to go! Most of the time we had nachos. And they were DELISH!  So we went there a bit more!  And I think going to every Hard Rock caffe, and if a child could have that dream!  Oh but then there are always the … Parents. They sometimes say no, I can see why but you just broke a child’s dream.  (If that was there dream.)  So that was what I think was one of mom’s dreams.

From, Avalon


Something Nice
I was told to write something nice.  I probably would’ve, considering my next meal depends on it.  However, what was suggested to me, and what I finally settled on, isn’t very nice.  It was actually pretty shocking, for me at least.  Probably for the driver too.  I’m not sure if I’ve put this in the blog before, but I’m not exactly a stranger to bike accidents, starting with the fence that I broke my light on earlier in the year.  That was more or less the beginning, hardly the worst that’s happened to me.

The fence was followed a couple months later by an encounter with what seemed like a safe, although extremely steep hill, littered with bumps.  At night.  What was funny about that event however, was that I made it down the hill perfectly fine, and it didn’t cause me any physical harm.  The problem was, I didn’t take into account the small hill and drop off that launched me 3 feet
off my bike.  The result of this was me skidding across a dark park on my face, rag-dolling like a cartoon character.  I’m not sure if there’s a picture on the website, but it left me with a black eye and
enough cuts to make me look like I was hugged by Edward Scissorshands.  The common denominator for these two stories is that I was lucky at the end, both that I wasn’t launched over the fence into traffic or concussed by Gaia.  And that I had a bike.

Yesterday, something fairly similar happened, and is the point of all of this exposition.  I was going to school (my mom said I was rushing cause I was cutting it close, I said I had a solid 5 min to
get there), and on the way to school there was a hill.  Now I’m not sure how familiar you may be with physics, but when you go down a hill, you magically pick up speed, and there’s only one thing that can stop it.  Friction.  You could, logically, create friction using the bike tires on the pavement or, even better, the brakes, but here in the Freyder family we like to think outside the box.  Namely, cars.  Now, again, I don’t know what it’s like outside of Japan, but nailing the side of a moving car tends to stop you.  And that’s more or less what happened.
Now, drilling a car with a bike wasn’t really on my  bucket list, but now I’m 3 for 3.  After I hit the car it was a blur, I just remember hitting the ground and dragging my bike out of the way.  My Dad thinks that I hit the car with my body, but I can’t really recall the exact event.  None of what followed was really exciting, but it did involve the police, my mom, my mom’s friend, and her friend’s friend.  I guess there’s a moral to these stories, and I’m gonna say that it’s be lucky, or die.  It’s the only reason I still have all my bones, and my whole body, in one piece.



Kaiyo’s Guide to USJ

Since we got annual passes, we have  gone to USJ (Universal Studios Japan) quite a couple times.  Here I am at the Waterworld theater show.  I sat in the splash zone and got soaked.  And it was winter!  I’ve been on most of the rides and this is mainly a guide to each of them (I won’t really spoil what happens though).  There are four main types of attractions at USJ, the interactive rides, the fast rides, theater shows, and street shows.  There is a good amount of interactive rides, Jurassic Park the Ride, Jaws, Spider-Man the Ride (4k-3d), and Harry Potter Forbidden Journey (4k-3d).  The 4k-3d rides have large screens along with the ride for parts they didn’t create, making a mix of animation and animatronics.

Jurassic Park the Ride is a smaller version of Splash Mountain, complete with dinosaur animatronics. If you don’t want to get wet, sit in the middle, the front and back get the most wet.  In Jaws you’re on a tour boat of Amity Village, and the ride is mild with action scenes. It’s best for people who prefer interactive rides because it’s too slow for thrill seekers, but still mildly scary.  Spider-Man is a fun ride that takes you on an adventure with Spider-Man. I would recommend it for most people. (Except Avalon’s friend’s sister Naomi who was screaming and crying at the end of the ride).  The Harry Potter ride is really good, but has a very long line (expect at least 2 hours).  It also is mildly scary, especially if you have arachnophobia.

Overall, the best one in my opinion would be the Spider-Man ride, seconded by the Harry Potter ride, only because of long lines.  For fast rides they have Hollywood Dream, Backdrop and the Flying Dinosaur.  Hollywood Dream is a good ride to see the park, isn’t really fast. Backdrop is the same as Hollywood Dream but moving backwards.  The Flying Dinosaur is the only really fast ride they have, and is equivalent to Knott’s Berry Farm’s Silver Bullet. Most of the theater shows (along with the street shows) vary over time, but the two stationary ones right now are Terminator 2 in 3-D, and Backdraft.  Terminator 2 3-D is a cool show that, like the 4k-3d rides, switches between the real and virtual world with large screens.  It is a cool show that I would recommend.  The Backdraft show is a walkthrough attraction that shows more of the behind the scenes of the movie, with different stage set ups.  It is also good as long as the line is not too long.

Overall, Japan has been great, especially USJ, and I have been having a lot of fun.


One more parting thought from Avalon:

Going To USJ 3 times last year

I can’t believe that I also went to USJ three times! Yeah, I went there 3 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!That is all I really have to say about that.

Here’s Avalon and her school friends at USJ celebrating a birthday.