Today, Saturday, August 27, Halyard spent a good part of today with a new friend from school named Luke.  Halyard met up with him at school and from there they biked to a place called Expo City.  He was gone all afternoon, apparently walking, talking and hanging out.  That’s all I have to report on that because that’s all the information that I was given!

While Halyard was out exploring the town, we had some guests come over.  Yay!  Our neighbor across the way (I forgot to mention in the last post that we live on a cul-de-sac with 7 houses) came over with her young daughter.  The mom’s name is Kimiko – which happens to be my sister’s middle name so it’s easy to remember – and the daughter’s name is Chikane.  The husband’s name is Takahashi and they also have a boy named Ginga.  Anyway, Kimiko and Chikane came over to meet Avalon.  This was the day that we discovered the WiiU and they were very impressed by it!  I think Kaiyo spent the whole day with his butt glued to the couch and his eyes on the tv.  I’m trying to remember if he even got out of his pajamas today.



Avalon and Chikane

Kimiko speaks English well.  Though, in typical Japanese fashion, she denied that she spoke English well at all and said her husband was better.  She stayed here for a while and answered our many questions ranging from how to fix our air conditioning that was running but no longer putting out cold air (she said it was set to cleaning mode!), to where we could go for Japanese language lessons.  She also told us how to get to the city community center which is full of English friendly information and also she told us she’d found a gymnasium with a kids’ gymnastics program for Avalon.

It was so nice of them to stop by!  Since Chikane is learning English we asked Avalon to help her out and hopefully Chikane can help Avalon with her Japanese!